October 29, 2011

Hey, I like you! Do you like me too?

Hey, I like you! Do you like me too?

If you like her, tell her. Maybe she likes you too.
If you like him, tell him. Maybe he likes you too.

And that was my facebook's status post last night.
I got 10 likes, and a friend.. 

yes. a friend who asked me 'What if he does not like me, too?'
I said: Tell without any expectations. less hurt.

and she asked again, 'What if he rejects me? How can I face him? same work place.'
so I told her to look for hints before making any move. see if there's a possibility he likes her too. 

she thinks that is hard.
of course that is the hardest thing for a girl to do! it's a big confession, baby! 

but, which one is the hardest?
1. keeping the burden in your chest to yourself, and always wonder if he likes you too or not.. or
2. tell him. and no need to wonder anymore, coz you'll know straight away (regardless what the result is).

I think you should tell. You should tell her (or him), if you like em. Malu belakang cerita la, babe. Rasa itu penting. Rasa itu didahulukan. You'll never know what will happen if you don't have the courage to make that one small movement.

What is going to happen if rejected?

errmm... sedih la apa lagi! ha!ha!ha!

IF you telling her/him only just to.. to tell, to let the burden in your tight chest out freely terbang bak kupukupu x kepatahan kepak, to get your feelings acknowledge because it is yours and it is important(!), then... it is already good enough.

Tell, without asking, 'How about you? Don't you have the same feelings towards me?' That will be a suicide question if he doesn't! So, tell, without any expectations. I know, there's a thing called 'HOPE'. There will be a very tiny, bit of hope that he has the same feelings as yours and hoping he will said, 'Why don't we get together?' That will be great kan if he says that?!! But, rambut sama hitam, hati lainlain, youuu!!! So, keep your expectations as low as possible, and try to just tell. Less hurt (if it doesn't go the way you want it to be).

kasitau bikin senang hati seja bah... bukan mau minta apaapa pun...

Important thing to know...
Choose your word wisely.
Just in case he'll say 'err.... sorry, have I ever led you on? I didn't mean it, you know. I thought it was just for fun..' 
Boleh mengelakkan malu.. and to avoid any awkward situations in the future.
And to avoid rasa sakit teramat lah if dia cakap macam tuh kan...

rasanya, both perlu choose word wisely.
si pemberitahu dan si penolak.

If you tell with high expectations, and get rejected, then you'll doomed!

What happen if he says he likes you too?

Girls, sabar yer... Jangan kelam kabut.. Don't be all too excited and go 'awww.. really? jom kapel!'
You have done your part, and let him finish it. He already missed the chance to be the first to tell, so let him do the closure. Let him be the man. And you, be the girl. =)

But wait. What happen if he does not and never pops the question 'so, let's get together?' or 'would you like to be my girl?' But he did tell you he likes you too, has the same feelings like you. 

hurmm... maybe the time isn't just right. maybe he already has a girlfriend, but unexpectedly ter-flirt and then crushed on you then led you on... or maybe you're just his second option or just a toy that he already has his first option waiting for him to pops out that question you've been waiting for...?? who knows.. or maybe the situation between you two is just not right for you two having a relationship.

Well, try seja la... We never know...

regardless who tells. girls.. or guys..

p/s: this thing needs courage. a lottttttttttt of courage! lagilagi for the girls.